Unraku Studios is based in and around Toronto, Canada (from the Haudenosaunee word Tkaronto) and we believe it is important to acknowledge that the lands upon which we are privileged to live and work are the traditional territories of many First Nations, including the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Métis Nation, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, among others. All of our artists, collaborators, staff and volunteers recognize the enduring and important presence of Indigenous People not only upon this land, but right across Turtle Island (North America).

Unraku Studios grew out of the work of the original Unraku Puppetry Collective (2008 – 2013). We owe much to the hard work, dedication and adventurous spirit of fun created by the original Unraku core team of Kristi, Kelly, Robin and Andrew. Together they weathered several storms and guided Unraku through the ups and downs of its existence, building a creative community that continues to grow and thrive in new and exciting directions. We would also like to acknowledge the important contributions of the other original Unraku Co-Founders, Terri and Morgan, as well as all of the incredible puppeteers, puppet builders, artists, technicians and other “Unraku Alumni” we’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with during the past decade.

Photos of the original Unraku Puppetry Collective’s activities appear on this site courtesy of Unraku, Inc. and its member artists. Special thanks go also to all the talented cinematographers, videographers and photographers who have documented us and whose work appears throughout this site, especially Tom AntosPaddy Jane, Robin Hamill and Unraku alum Jason Amlin.

Unraku Studios uses and supports the development of open source software for computer graphics and animation (Blender, Krita, OpenToonzFreeCAD), storyboarding (Storyboarder), productivity (Libre Office), web browsing and development (Mozilla Firefox, Bootstrap) and digital cinematography (the emerging apertus° project). We are indebted to the dedicated teams of engineers, programmers and users around the world who volunteer their time and knowledge to make these projects possible.

Unraku.com is powered by WordPress using the Salient Theme created by ThemeNectar. Most of the Google maps that appear on this site are styled using the “Pale Dawn” theme created by Adam Krough.