Unraku Studios is an artist-run studio dedicated to the art of puppetry in Toronto, Canada

We’re a spin off of the original Unraku puppetry collective, a team of multi disciplinary artists who collaboratively produced puppet films, puppet theatre and puppet slams between 2008 – 2013.

In 2017 two of the company’s original Co-Founders set out to continue the Unraku tradition of great puppetry and infectious fun by establishing Unraku Studios as a new home, incubator and exporter of outstanding puppetry films and live entertainment.

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What We Do

Puppetry for stage and screen

We combine cutting edge digital technology with old fashioned, handcrafted techniques to create puppetry for stage and screen. We’re also the home of The Unraku Workshop, our in-house puppet fabrication studio and Unraku School, an annual series of puppetry workshops and masterclasses in Toronto, Canada.

The Unraku Workshop

Creating characters and building worlds

The small, but mighty Unraku Workshop handcrafts puppets, costumes, props and complete miniature environments for all of our work. It also provides its creative and production expertise to the advertising, film, television, theatre and live event industries.

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Unraku School

Puppetry training and workshops

We are committed to enhancing the talent and diversity of puppetry in Canada through professional training workshops and hosting masterclasses with visiting Canadian and international puppetry artists.

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