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Wishing Morgan a speedy recovery

By February 11, 2019 August 8th, 2019 No Comments
Morgan performing “finger people” between takes during an Unraku shoot.

A little over one month ago we were stunned to receive the terrible news that Morgan – one of the Co-Founders of the original Unraku Puppetry Collective – has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In addition to her work with the original Unraku puppetry collective, Morgan has played an important role in helping to establish Unraku Studios and is a good friend of almost everyone who has been involved in either iteration. Although she has been dealing with some unrelated health issues off and on for the past few years, her cancer diagnosis late last year came as a complete shock to Morgan and everyone who knows her. Thankfully – although Morgan has several difficult months of treatment ahead of her – after two initial surgeries her prognosis is excellent and we couldn’t be more relieved.

Partially as a result of this news, most of our planned public workshops and other events in the first half of this year will be rescheduled in the 2019/20 season. In the meantime, work is continuing on several projects behind the scenes and we’re looking forward to the long overdue return of Unraku School with some special guests in the second half of 2019.

Until then, our thoughts are with Morgan as she undergoes treatment and recovery, as well as everyone else who is on their own difficult journey with cancer. We’re also grateful to the dedicated doctors, nurses and other medical staff who have been providing Morgan with excellent care.

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in Canada and 1 in 8 Canadian women are expected to be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. It’s estimated that over 26,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed this year alone, in addition to over two million more worldwide. Please consider supporting breast cancer research with a donation to The Breast Cancer Society of Canada or The Canadian Cancer Society and join the fight to end this terrible disease today.